E.ON Hrvatska supports its customers from start to finish on their journey to energy self-sufficiency.

The Croatian and Slovenian branches of the German company E.ON serve as a “one-stop shop” for those looking to become energy self-sufficient in today’s highly volatile market conditions. Kristian Stipanović, Head of the Future Energy Home and E-Mobility Department at E.ON Energija, a part of E.ON Hrvatska, emphasizes the company’s commitment to making the process “simple, fast, and worry-free.”

With rising electricity prices and low interest rates on savings, there is growing interest in installing solar power systems. Despite current government measures capping electricity prices, installing a solar power system remains a worthwhile investment, with a return on investment between six and eight years on average, depending on the area’s solar exposure and energy consumption. The panels come with a 25-year lifespan warranty, providing long-term security against market price fluctuations.

In addition to the financial benefits, there is an increasing focus on environmental impact. More customers are opting for eco-friendly solutions, contributing to the green energy transition and reducing their carbon footprint. The urgency of addressing climate change and its effects on health and safety has never been more apparent. E.ON is dedicated to the decarbonization of energy consumption and offers solutions that align with these green goals across its 16 markets, including Croatia and Slovenia.

E.ON’s comprehensive service includes high-quality equipment and a seamless process from consultation to installation and operation, making the journey to energy self-sufficiency straightforward for customers.

Solar Projects and Market Leadership

E.ON is a market leader in residential solar power systems across Europe, consistently ranking among the top three companies in this sector. In Croatia, E.ON’s connection to the larger E.ON Group allows access to a vast pool of innovations and expertise, ensuring that customers receive tailored, high-quality solutions. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, as reflected in the positive feedback received.

E-Mobility and Business Solutions

While the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in Croatia is slower compared to wealthier markets, declining prices and an expanding range of models are expected to drive growth. Additionally, the market for used EVs in the EU presents an attractive option for buyers. Given the environmental impact of transportation, existing subsidies and incentives are crucial to accelerating the transition to cleaner modes of transport.

For business customers, E.ON offers a wide array of e-mobility services, providing tailored solutions that meet specific business needs. This includes installing EV charging stations at commercial locations and solar panels on parking structures. Businesses are increasingly integrating these sustainable energy solutions as part of their ESG strategies, and E.ON is proud to support their successful implementation.

By leveraging its expertise and innovative solutions, E.ON Hrvatska is paving the way for energy self-sufficiency and a sustainable future.