E.ON Hrvatska has launched home charging stations, a significant advancement in the country’s green energy transition. The new Wallbox Pulsar PRO stations allow customers to safely charge their electric vehicles at home, featuring a Type 2 charger compatible with all vehicles using this standard.

Efficiency and Convenience

One of the standout advantages of E.ON’s home charging stations is the significant reduction in charging time. The Wallbox Pulsar PRO can charge an electric vehicle up to five times faster than a standard outlet. This efficiency is coupled with safety, as the station includes a dynamic load balancer that optimizes electrical load, preventing circuit breaker trips and ensuring balanced power distribution across household appliances. Additionally, it helps prevent overheating during use.

The charging station’s intuitive interface and remote management via smartphone allow users to monitor and control the charging process anytime, anywhere. This feature enhances user convenience, making it easier to integrate electric vehicle charging into daily routines.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

E.ON Hrvatska’s initiative aligns with the broader goal of promoting sustainable energy solutions. By investing in e-mobility, E.ON aims to provide sustainable energy options for all customers and to be a trusted partner in their individual energy transitions. The expertise and knowledge from the E.ON Group have been crucial in successfully implementing these advanced solutions in Croatia.

Comprehensive Installation Service

E.ON Hrvatska offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution for installing home charging stations. The company’s experts handle the entire process, from creating the main installation project and optionally inspecting the location, to the installation itself and providing usage advice. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers.

Moreover, E.ON Hrvatska offers an integrated charging solution utilizing solar energy. This means that customers can charge their electric vehicles using 100% sustainable electricity produced by their own solar power systems, further enhancing the environmental benefits.

Future of E-Mobility

Kristian Stipanović, Head of Future Energy Home and E-Mobility at E.ON Hrvatska, emphasized the importance of e-mobility: “The future of mobility is electric. By investing in e-mobility, we aim to provide sustainable energy solutions for all our customers and become their preferred partner in their energy transition. The expertise and knowledge from the E.ON Group have been crucial for successfully implementing these advanced solutions in Croatia.”

With the introduction of home charging stations, E.ON Hrvatska continues to lead the way in sustainable energy solutions, offering innovative and efficient options for the growing number of electric vehicle users.