We all drink water – every day. The required amount of water, apart from age and gender, also depends on other factors. Pregnancy and lactation in women, as well as extreme environmental temperatures and increased physical activity increase the body’s need for water. According to the European Food Safety Agency, the appropriate total water intake for adults is 2L per day for women and 2.5L for men*. (*EFSA Journal 2010; 8(3):1459)

Water is distinguished according to different criteria, for example quality or purity, composition, origin or chemical processing… One such partition is into bottled water (among which natural mineral, spring and table water are distinguished) and water for human consumption from the water supply network, which we usually call it water “from the tap”. Croatian legislation recognizes three categories of bottled water: natural mineral, natural spring and table water. And while in the cases of the first two, it is water that is filled at the source itself without additional processing, table water can be processed before bottling.

What makes natural mineral water special

According to its characteristics, natural mineral water is different from other drinking waters. It is naturally clean at its source, does not undergo disinfection treatments such as chlorination and has a stable mineral composition. It can also have a specific physiological effect on the body, such as the diuretic effect of water with a low mineral content.

The waters in the Jamnica plus portfolio: Jana, Jamnica, Sarajevski kiseljak, Sara and Mg Mivela belong precisely to the category of natural mineral waters, with the difference that some of them are carbonated and some still.


Jana – non-carbonated natural mineral water – is the best-selling water on the Croatian market. This type of water is different in its characteristics from most other drinking water. It is naturally clean at its source, does not undergo disinfection treatments such as chlorination and has a stable mineral composition. Due to the protected underground deposit, the mineral water has the highest level of quality.

Jana natural mineral water has a balanced and stable mineral composition that is regularly monitored throughout the year, and some of its key characteristics are:

  • Stable mineral composition – one of the main characteristics of natural mineral water and its superiority over other types of water, which is a reflection of the protection of the underground deposits from which it originates.
  • Low total mineralization – less than 500 mg per liter, along with the natural balance of minerals and pH 7.1, give Jana a distinctive taste.
  • The ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium, 2:1, is optimal for their utilization in the body.
  • It contains silicon – a mineral that participates in the construction of the connective tissue structure. It is a well-known ingredient in skin care products.
  • The unique natural mineral composition makes Jana drinkable and tasty.

Jana is filled with the most modern filling technology (Ultra Clean) from a source located at a depth of 800 meters, which protects it from external influences and thus maintains its original purity. It is estimated that Jana was created approximately 7000 years ago. Jan’s source and bottling plant are located in the village of Gorica Svetojanska near the town of Jastrebarsko.


Jamnica is one of the most famous Croatian brands and products. From the very beginning, it was formed, and over the decades, it has been preserved as a synonym for a traditional Croatian drink with a mark of top quality.

Jamnica, like Jana, belongs to the category of natural mineral waters, but Jamnica is carbonated. Its mineral composition promotes the normal breakdown of food and naturally facilitates digestion, so there is no heavy feeling after eating. That is why it is a favorite in households, but also in catering. It is pumped in Pisarovina, i.e. Jamnička Kiselica, from 500 meters deep underground springs (Jana’s spring) and is protected from any pollution. It is the winner of the Croatian quality mark, and at the international competition Mineral Water Challenge 2015 in Portugal, it won the gold medal for the best carbonated water in Europe.

It is interesting that Jamnica has a very long tradition, even since 1828, when it was included in the register of mineral waters of the Viennese court. Impressive, isn’t it?

Why is water good for us?

If we drink enough water, we help our body to function better. It is known that the body’s need for hydration is constant regardless of the season, and with proper hydration you should meet the body’s needs in order for all functions to function normally. The result will be a positive effect on cognitive abilities and mood. Signs of fatigue, low energy levels, headaches and difficulty concentrating can be a clear symptom of a lack of water in the body.

For a healthy adult with a sedentary lifestyle in a moderate ambient temperature, it would be appropriate to drink about 1.6 to 2 l (8 to 10 glasses of 200 ml) of water per day. This basic need for water is recommended throughout the year, regardless of the season. Due to its original purity and specific mineral composition, natural mineral water is an excellent choice for daily hydration.